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Had a minor bingle? How Cheap Az Towing can help

Had a minor bingle? How Cheap Az Towing can help - Towing Gold Coast - Cheap AZ Towing

When you need a car body removed from your yardIt’s windy and raining.  The visibility is really poor and you are driving on an unfamiliar road.  You’re not going that fast but at the sharp turn ahead, you lose control and your car ends up sideways in a ditch!

Not the most serious of accidents and luckily you weren’t hurt but your car has sustained some damage with that minor bingle with the ditch, that has rendered it un-driveable nonetheless.  What normally happens is you now call a towing company.  They’ll say they’ll be on their way in no time.

But here you are, a considerable time later still stuck on the side of the road, no tow truck in sight!

So why aren’t they here?

Sometimes a larger towing company will take your booking but if a more serious accident occurs where they can make more money, your job will be placed to the back of the queue.

Sure you might say a serious accident requires priority but you are still a motorist with a damaged car, stranded on an unfamiliar road, with no way to get you or your car home safely without a tow truck.

At Cheap Az Towing on the Gold Coast, all tows are important. We don’t chase accidents. When you book a tow with us, whether it is a client calling or an insurance company for an insurance claim, we will be there!

Cheap Az Towing operate a 24/7 Emergency breakdown tilt tray towing service throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane and we set the standard in high quality, professional towing standards.

Our clients call us time and time again when they need a 24/7 towing service.

If you’ve had a minor accident and your car needs to be towed to your home, to a mechanic or a repairer, call Cheap Az Towing.

Not only do we operate throughout the Gold Coast, but we also offer regional and interstate towing for your convenience. Our reasonable rates mean that you will receive our superior services at an affordable price.

Even if you haven’t had a minor accident, be sure to add us to your contacts list just in case!


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