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Prestige Car Towing

Prestige Car Towing - Towing Gold Coast - Cheap AZ Towing

Not only do we offer local Gold Coast and regional towing, but our professional services include interstate towing as well!

We also offer the option of a fully enclosed tilt tray truck. This means that your vehicle can be transported without being seen and it will be protected from harmful weather conditions and environmental hazards. This is the ideal way to transport your treasured sports car, an unfinished project or a damaged vehicle. At Cheap AZ Towing we know how to transport your vehicles with professional care 

Cheap AZ Towing offers a unique specialized service: we have experience in transporting all forms of modified and lowered motor vehicles. We have expertise in towing a wide range of vehicles, including drag cars, classics, vintage cars, sports cars, lowered vehicles and much more.

Motor vehicle towing

With just one phone call you can arrange to have any motor vehicle transported and delivered to the mechanic of your choice. No matter the make, model or condition of your car, we have the expertise to tow it.

Motorcycle and scooter towing

Whether you are riding a motorbike or a scooter, it will be safely and correctly transported. If you have an accident, a breakdown or simply need transport and delivery, you need to give us a call to ensure that your bike is transported in the correct manner.

Truck towing

Our incredible 7 meter tray and impressive 4 ton towing capacity means that we can even tow and transport all your trucks!

Caravan, boat and jet ski towing

We mean it when we say that offer a wide variety of services. In addition to road vehicles, we also specialize in transporting caravans, boats and jet skis!

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