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Has Your Car Been Towed on the Gold Coast, and You Don’t Know How to Find It?

Towing - Gold Coast - Has Your Car Been Towed on the Gold Coast, and You Don’t Know How to Find It?

If you park in a restricted area, you run the risk of a having your car being towed. If your car does get towed you’ll probably start to panic. There is no need to worry. When a towing company takes your car, they’re just doing their job. Your car will be safe in an impound lot, and here’s how to find it.


Look for Signs that State a Towing Company Name and Contact Number

When you park in a private car park there will always be signs stating the rules of the car park. The information on the sign usually includes details on who exactly can park there, the duration for which you are allowed to park, and the parking fee amount. If it is a car park where your car can be towed there will also be information about the company responsible for the towing service. There will be a number on the sign that you can call for assistance in finding out where your car has been towed to.

Call Your Local City Council

Your local city council will control any parking in the city that isn’t privately owned. If you have parked illegally in a city council car space your call will be towed to your city councils impound yard. You can visit your local city council’s website to obtain information about where to find your car and how to get your car released.

Having your Car Towed from a Car Park Will Cost you Money

When a towing company has towed your car from a car park, and impounded in a car lot you will have to pay the towing fees and any other fees dictated by the impound lot before it is realised. Your car will only be realised back to you, no one else will be able to come and claim it.

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